Fair Trade Buyer & Producer Coop Partner on Climate Change

(Adapted with permission from Coop Coffees)

A recent report from the UK’s leading ethical tea & coffee brand Cafédirect warned that the worldwide production of Arabica coffee could be threatened by climate change. Along with the publication of the report, Cafédirect launched an initiative to help small-scale Peruvian producers to cope with landslides and flooding’s threats.

Central Piurana de Cafetaleros cooperative (CEPICAFE) annually produces 4000 tons of coffee cherries in the Sierra Piura region of Peru. Despite gains made in production, consensus among the nearly 7,000 producers of this Fair Trade cooperative says that climate change in real and is already affecting their daily lives. Coffee producers say that harvests are more unpredictable due to very inconsistent rainfall levels – either too little, or when it rains – it rains far too much.

Where deforestation is a major problem, communities are now trading on the carbon market. Cafédirect worked with   local NGOs to adapt carbon-trading schemes to benefit local communities. For every ton of carbon captured by the newly planted trees, the community receives carbon credit that can later be sold on the global market. Pine saplings are being planted in the first round of the project while native trees are next on the agenda. This project provides CEPICAFE producers with a real incentive to take action to limit carbon emissions while improving their living conditions. The Peruvian vice-president, Marisol Espinoza supported the project and hopes the initiative will be rolled out to other regions of the country.

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