FTUSA Group Assesses 2-Yr Apparel Pilot Program

Fair Trade USA’s Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG) for apparel released a report on the recently completed Fair Trade Certified™ apparel pilot program. Launched in 2010, the pilot project was the first global program to certify facilities making clothing and accessories with a consumer label to signal social and environmental sustainability.  It is also the first time that a Fair Trade certification attempted to deliver direct economic benefit at two different levels of the supply chain: cotton farmers and cut-and-sew factory workers. The report was co-written by the MSG and Fair Trade USA.

During the two year pilot period, four factories out of 55 applicants were certified, with four more in process. Cotton farmers in India, Egypt and Nicaragua participated in the program, along with 1,300 factory workers in India, Liberia and Costa Rica.

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