Canadian Fair Trade Network Conference Takes Action on Its Governance & Policies

The Canadian Fair Trade Network (CFTN) inaugural Annual General Meeting (AGM) and National Conference took place on January 10th and 11th in Calgary. The event saw individuals from civil society, businesses and institutions from across Canada come together to build the foundations for a strong fair trade movement in Canada.

Members unanimously adopted a motion to recommend to Fairtrade Canada that for the Fair Trade Town and Fair Trade Campus programs, the (FLO) Fairtrade certification system be adopted as the baseline standard. The purpose of this recommendation was to help bring clarity to an otherwise crowded world of certification systems; seeking to uphold rigorous standards and keep systems accountable to constantly improving standards.

The AGM finished with the election of directors, welcoming back Zack Gross, Nancy Allan, Kelly James, Kaan Williams, Bruce Morton and Nadia Berger, and welcoming Sasha Caldera and Shirley Fagnen.

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