Fairtrade International Launches to Consumers in India

Fairtrade India launched officially this week in India, adding to the more than 20 countries with Fairtrade International branches advancing marketing and labeling of Fairtrade. The organization will focus on “promoting Indian-produced Fairtrade products directly to the growing Indian market to further benefit Fairtrade farmers and workers.” Fairtrade started working with Indian producers almost 19 years ago, helping them gain access to European markets on better terms of trade. The initial basket of Fairtrade products from India included tea, spices, coffee, cotton and nuts.

There are now 121,400 workers and farmers working with Fairtrade in India, with 72 Fairtrade certified producer organizations, exporting Fairtrade certified products around the world. In 2012, an additional 2.4 million Euros (approx . Rs. 19.4 crores) was received by Indian farmers and workers as Fairtrade Premium above what they would otherwise have received in the market.

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