Advocates Oppose TPP Fast Track Bill Expected in Congress in January

United Students for Fair Trade is helping allies oppose the injustices and secrecy of the Trans Pacific Partnership free trade deal, and its potential Fast Track process:

The good news: TPP negotiations in Singapore last week didn’t get as far as they hoped. That means they missed their third deadline for completing this agreement–this is great news! Read more here.

The worse news It looks like after months of stalling, the Fast Track bill is ready to be introduced as soon as Congress gets back from the holidays. That means we don’t have much time left to make sure Congress will do the right thing. Fast Track is the biggest key to taking down the TPP, and right now the battle is very close.

Click here to see where your Congressperson stands on Fast Track and let them know how you feel about it. Call them today to thank them if they’ve committed to vote no. If they haven’t, then they should have a problem on their hands. Call them, email them, tweet at them, and organize an action at their office.