Once Again Nut Butter Donates Over 20,000 Pounds of Peanut Butter to Natural Disaster Victims

During the month of April, Once Again Nut Butter donated over 21,000 pounds of peanut butter to the charity, Feed the Children.  The organization will be using the forty-four, 480-pound drums donated, to support victims in natural disasters.  They are working to send nut butter to the victims of the massive typhoon in the Philippines, as well as to victims of the mudslides in Washington State.

Due to the volume of butter, Feed the Children will be using this product in some of their other feeding programs in the United States.  While they cannot guarantee that the peanut butter will go to the victims in the Philippines, they are working hard to try and make that happen.

Once Again Nut Butter investigated many international feeding programs to try and assist victims in the Philippines disaster and found nearly all charities were looking for cash donations rather than food contributions due to customs issues.  Feed the Children, however, was delighted to receive this donation.

Feed The Children’s domestic programs provide disaster and emergency assistance to people in need. In fiscal year 2013, the organization distributed 98 million pounds of food and supplies with a total value of $215 million to over 10 million individuals in the U.S. Feed The Children is also active in education, distributing backpacks to homeless children and offering free books and supplies to educators through its Teacher Stores.

Around the world, Feed the Children provides nourishing meals every school day to more than 350,000 children. In fiscal year 2013, the organization distributed over $129 million in food, medicine, and other essentials to children in 23 countries around world. The international programs, including child sponsorships, meet the immediate needs of children while also addressing the root causes of poverty through education and livelihood development.