IMO “Fair for Life” Certification Planning Minor Revision to Program with Stakeholder Consultation

IMO announced the upcoming minor revision of its Fair for Life Program in 2013 by the Bio-Foundation:

The scope of this revision will be Module 1 (Labelling and Control Requirements) and Module 4 (Handling Operations) only, as implementation of the programme in by now over 180 operations worldwide has indicated several technical aspects that need to be further clarified or strengthened for effective implementation of the programme and its objectives.

In mid March 2013 stakeholders will be formally invited to a public stakeholder consultation of the proposed revised standard documents.

-       First round of consultation Mid March to End of April (45 days)

-       Second round of consultation of 2nd drafts June to Mid July  (45 days)

-       Final standard to be ready by Oct. 2013


Control & Labelling Requirements (Module 1)

  • For Life logo indications and labelling requirements; additional Fair for life logo version negative print ; slight modifications to logo versions and compulsory indications on product labels
  • Procedures for Fair for Life brand holders (incl. exceptions)
  • Audit procedures: update after review against GSCP methodology
  • Grievance and public complaints procedures
  • Fair for Life Rating publication on the Fair for life website (compulsory, or at least compulsory minimum information statement to be published)
  • Annex 2 list of equivalent schemes
  • Annex 3-5 Composition rules for multi-ingredient products (improve clarity; consistency with compulsory labelling indications in main part of Module 1)

Fair for Life Handler (Module 4)

  • Updated guidance on procedures and necessary information in case of purchase from other fair trade schemes
  • Review handler criteria, as some are very difficult to verify

Review chapter on social responsibility and permitted proofs of decent labour practices, including the IMO verification of responsible labour practices option.

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