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Blue Enamel Earrings


Blue Anemone earrings – stunning colours, we love them!  Loving the aqua and blue enamels used on these…

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Product Description

Enamel Anemone Earrings, trying saying that fast three times! It’s not often we buy a product just so we can add a tongue twister to the site but Enamel Anemone Earrings may just be that time!

These earrings are a lovely shade of blue and green with silver/white highlights.  These earrings are dainty yet detailed with the aqua blue anemones sitting as pretty as punch.  The dangle around 1.5cm down and look amazing.

For pierced ears only the crook goes through your ear then the earring has its own safety clasp so no matter how hard the dancing gets, you will never lose your earrings!

The Aqua Blue Enamel Anemone Earrings will complement a variety of outfits both for formal evenings out or just casual day wear.


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