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Butterfly Scarf Ring


Heavy metal butterfly scarf ring, pull an amazing amount of scarf through this ring, to hold fast or just to decorate.

Wearing scarves is a great way to jazz up an outfit, but if you get fed up with tying in the same UK or continental way, then use a scarf ring – and this chunky butterfly one will suit any scarf on our site!

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Product Description

The Butterfly Scarf Ring is just that, a ring to hold your scarf in place!  Our colourful, chiffon like scarves on the site easily pull through the Butterfly Scarf Ring so it can hold them tight.

There are all sort of ways of tying your scarf, the European, the Pretzel, the Knot and more, just look on YouTube!  We think that the Butterfly Scarf Ring adds a whole new dimension to scarf knotting, people will come closer to look at your new adornment.

The Butterfly Scarf Ring is made from heavy metal and is coloured silver, it won’t crack or break with normal use, so pull that scarf though!


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